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Another Level Football & Matrix Football Academy have partnered to make one great program to allow for easier access to football players across the Greater Toronto Area under the Matrix Football name. Our elite skill development program will train, teach, prepare, assess, expose and aid the most dedicated, and passionate players under the guidance of former NFL- Detroit Lions & CFL- Toronto Argonauts player, Anthony Cannon. The student-athlete in this program will have special access to utilize our Academic Support and Recruitment Assistance programs. They will also have an opportunity to join our 7v7 & OLvDL Travel Teams, plus attend camps, showcases and various other event trips.

           TRAVEL TEAMS (7v7 & OLvDL)

Join the 2020 Another Level Skill Development & 7v7/ OLvDL program & team as we get going for the 2020 off-season 7v7 circuit, as well as, the U.S. H.S. camp/ showcase circuit.  The teams will be lead by Dwayne Mundle and other standout coaches: Anthony Cannon, O'Neil Wilson, Damon Allen, and Wayne Williams.  So, you will get coached by and mentored by former CFL/NFL pros, current and former Pro & NCAA/USports players, plus some of the top skill position coaches in the GTA!  The 2020 edition of the AL family is ready to get going and GET BETTER this off-season.  We hope you can join 


- each player will get expert coaching by former college/pro players.
- 4 Tournaments in total. *commitment to attend at least 2 events is ideal*
- each will receive a team uniform and travel gear (jersey/short combination, t-shirt and long sleeve t-shirt).
- each player will have access to film that will be shared after each event.
- each trip will last 2 days and include a 1 night hotel stay.
- each trip we will be planning on making a couple of NCAA university visits around our stay.  In the past we have visited many US Universities, such as; Syracuse, Buffalo, Michigan State, Colgate, West Virginia, Vanderbilt & UConn.  

Cost & Fees:

Each player... 

• $111 One-Time Swag/Uniform Fee - *MANDATORY if playing 7v7 only!
• $139/month Saturday Skill Development Fee (sponsored by The Athlete Matrix Football Academy, IG: @Matrix_Football) - *1 MONTH MANDATORY (SEE ABOVE to register if not already in the program)
• $220/event (you DO NOT have to commit to attend all events, BUT commitment to attend 2 tournaments preferred) *1 TOURNAMENT MANDATORY


... Total Cost

MIN = $470 -
* 1x Registration/Swag & Uniform Set ($111), 1x 1-month Training Fee ($139), & 1x Event Fee ($220)

MAX = $1188-
*1x Registration/Swag & Uniform Set ($111), 3x 1-month Training Fee ($139x3), & 3x Event Fee ($220x3)


• 3+ Tournaments (incl. travel & accommodations
• 4 Practice/Training Sessions each month (held at The Athlete Matrix - 3350 Wolfedale Rd, Mississauga, ON, + 1 Field session & lead by former Detroit Lions/ Toronto Argo player - Coach Anthony Cannon)
• 1 Uniform/Swag Set (Jersey set, socks, long sleeve, t-shirt)


** Payments will be accepted online, but we can also accept cash, e-transfer, debit/credit, or cheques. 
** Payment plans available.

Scheduled Tournaments/Events:

• March 7-8: Legacy Midwest Champions Tournament (Detroit)
• March 30-31: Pylon Regional (Indianapolis)
• April 4-5: PA Swag NFA Regional (Philadelphia)
• April 25-26: CTC 7v7 Tournament (Rochester)

*** A LOCAL 7v7 Option ***: Another opportunity for those who don't wish to spend, or travel as much...

Matrix & Another Level would also like to enter a month long Provincial 7v7 Circuit this spring.  The cost for each participant is $150 (for the entire 3 event circuit), much less than a single US event because we will only need to arrange travel locally, and will not need accommodations (Ottawa might be different).  Schedule details are below.

Northern Built - Provincial 7 v 7 Circuit ($150 for the entire circuit):

  • March 15th: Qualifier #1 (Hamilton)

  • March 21st: Qualifier #2 (Ottawa)

  • April 4th: Qualifier #3 (Toronto)

  • TBA: Championships (TBA)


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